CES Asia 2018 Announces Startup Award Winners

This week’s CES Asia show in Shanghai saw the announcement of the event’s Startup Awards 2018.

The host organization, TechNode, selected winners for nine categories among 50 nominated startups after three rounds of judging from 20 experienced journalists with industry expertise.

This is the third time that CES Asia has held the “Startup Exhibition,” and the number of startup exhibitors has grown by 30% from 2017.  More than 100 startups from Mainland China, Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Japan, Hong Kong, and many other countries and regions around the world gathered for this event. The event covered many of the current hottest industries, including AI, blockchain, IoT, new retail, the shared economy, and intelligent transportation.

The Best Startup and Best AI Startup Winner was Roadstar.ai, a developer of autonomous vehicle technology.

The Best Audio/Video Startup Winner was Embrace Audio Lab Inc whose XPUMP platform is billed as “the smallest home theatre system in the world”. XPUMP immerses gamers in their favorite games by enhancing the details of every soundtrack and deepening every sound environment. XPUMP boosts the sound field from stereo speakers up to 200 percent, giving you an entirely new listening experience. Visit https://xroundaudio.com 

The Best AR/VR Startup Winner was DataMesh. The company says it “empowers content providers with quality Mixed Reality infrastructure, and provides cutting-edge data science and Mixed Reality solutions to enterprise customers”.  As well as consultancy work, the company’s solutions include:

  • DataMesh Live! – a powerful ready-to-use mixed-reality show solution;
  • DataMesh DataMix – From Enterprise Data Analysis, Machine Learning to Mixed Reality, a One-stop Shop to Connect Everything;
  • DataMesh LiveAgent – a DataMesh Live! agent app for HoloLens on camera rigs to sync real-time messages; and 
  • METoolkit – Open Source Unity Toolkit for Quick Creation of Mixed-Reality Apps and Content

Visit https://www.datamesh.com 

Other Startup winners included:

  • Best Robotics Startup Winner: Youcan Robotics (Shanghai) Co.Ltd
  • Best Vehicle Technology Startup Winner: SoFlow/LOU
  • Best Lifestyle Startup Winner: Youcan Robotics (Shanghai) Co.Ltd
  • Best Health Startup Winner: Kenzen
  • Best IoT Startup Winner: SENSORO

Visit www.cesasia.cn