Ross Video’s Frontier Voted Most Outstanding Product at BIRTV

Ross Video has received the BIRTV Award for Outstanding Product.

Frontier was selected by the BIRTV 2017 Organization Committee 50 judge panel, which is comprised of senior leaders from each large television facility in China. This panel of experts chose Frontier for its next generation approach to VS/AR that lets broadcasters create even more engaging content for television audiences and their marketing partners.

“We are very pleased and extremely honoured to be awarded the BIRTV Award for Frontier. In recent years, China’s Broadcasters have been investing in industry leading technology and are continually pushing the envelope to offer more engaging programs. Frontier’s hyper realistic Virtual Solutions enables them to raise their game even further,” stated Andrew Tan, Director of Sales – Asia for Ross Video.

Frontier incorporates advanced graphic features and capabilities such as collision, particles, dynamic texture, reflections and real-time shadows to realise the best possible image quality. This provides the ability to create realistic looks that designers can achieve with greater accuracy than ever before. Frontier is integrated with the UX application from Ross Video to provide an operator-friendly environment that supports customisable  and scalable workflows in terms of the number of cameras and number of graphic engines required.