Shanghai Media Group Calls for Tenders for Finance Channel Facelift

Shanghai Pudong Radio and Television Media Co., Ltd., part of the Shanghai Media Group, has issued a tender for new branding for its Dragon Business Pudong Channel, a financial channel launched in 2015 by SMG’s China Business Network and  the government of Pudong New Area. 

Pudong is a district of Shanghai located east of the Huangpu River across from the historic city center of Shanghai and boasts around one quarter of Shanghai’s population. The district’s 2015 gross domestic product was estimated at 789.8 billion RMB (US$113.5 billion). Its GDP per capita is approximately US$21,911.

The area is divided into four distinct economic districts. Apart from the Lujiazui Trade and Finance Zone, there is Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, the largest free trade zone in mainland China covering approximately 10 square kilometres in north-east Pudong. The Jinqiao Export Processing Zone is another major industrial area in Pudong covering 19 square kilometres while the  Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park is a special area for technology-oriented businesses.

The channel focuses on success stories of Pudong in its reform and opening up efforts, with a view to developing high-end business programs and activities commensurate with Pudong’s financial status in China.

In order to enhance the overall brand image and expand the influence of the channel, Shanghai Pudong Radio and Television Media Co., Ltd. has issued a public tender for the project under the title of “Overall packaging commissioning of channel image tablets”.

The tender calls for pre-planning, exploration, mid-shoot, post-production, packaging and other technical services. The service period is from May 22, 2017 to May 21, 2018.

The project calls for delivery of files in 1080P with content being 30-60 seconds in length. The project budget has been stated as RMB 1.5 million (US$225,000) or less.

Deadline for submission of tenders: May 18, 2017, at 16:00 pm

Bid Opening Address: Room 1408, East Plaza, 333, Chengdu North Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai

Contact person: Wu Chenghao

Tel: 18918912950